Convective Components

In order to save costs and as a dew point independent alternative or complement to radiant heating and cooling systems, convective components can be used. As a convective component, we use the cooling shaft. By using a patented method, capillary tube mats that are made of polypropylene are arranged in a hollow body or container which is flowed through with cold water. The warm incoming air is cooled and dehumidified by the cold water before it streams back to the outside.

In the cooling mode, the flow temperature may fall below the dew point temperature, since the resulting condensate drips off the capillary tube mats (self-cleaning effect) and is discharged into a condensate tray.

Our cooling shaft that operates without any fan and thus silently, can be used in the following applications:

  • In areas with high humidity where cooling ceilings cannot be used
  • It can be combined with already existing cooling ceilings
  • Because of its dehumidifying function suited for use in countries with high humidity
  • To cover peak loads e.g. in conference rooms, when the cooling capacity is insufficient
  • In rooms where cooling ceilings cannot be installed for technical or architectural reasons

Further advantages are:

  • Simple and quick installation
  • Low maintenance since dirt particles cannot get hold on the polypropylene